Pryda Nail Plate Stren-Joist Stiffener



Pryda Stren-Joist kit contains,

  • 1 x \’U\’ channel
  • 2 x arched angles
  • 1 x 500gm Pryda product nails
  • 10 screws – 8g x 20mm
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The Pryda Nail Plate Stren-Joist has been designed to allow holes to be cut in floor and ceiling joists to enable pipes, wiring or other services to be passed through re-instating the integrity of the penetration.

Each kit contains: 1 x ‘U’ channel & 2 x arched angle nail plates, 1 x 500gm Pryda product nails and 10 screws 8g x 20mm.


  • One size fits 140-290mm joists
  • Can be retro-fitted (after services)
  • Can be nailed or screwed
  • Quick and easy to install
  • All components supplied with kit


  • Only one product required
  • More convenient
  • Allows choice
  • Saves labour costs
  • No need to source