Reflex Silicone Sealant (ReflexWhite & ReflexClear)






The Reflex Silicone Sealant includes SteriTouch, the leading anti-bacterial solution, which is integrated into the manufacturing process. SteriTouch actively prevents the growth of bacteria, mildew and black mould that are commonly found in areas of high humidity. ReflexWhite and ReflexClear are guaranteed to stop mould, mildew, and bacterial growth.

SteriTouch in conjunction with Everbuild give the benefit of the highest quality antimicrobial products. They are manufactured in the UK and rigorously, independently tested in an accredited and certified microbiological laboratory to show no mould growth after more than 10 yrs simulated ageing.

ReflexWhite and Reflex Clear are permanently waterproof and flexible and are produced from a superior silicone formula. They also kill the germs: E-Coli, MRSA, and Salmonella. See the technical data sheet for copies of the test data.

The Reflex Silicone Sealant is certified under the harmonized European standard EN15651 for façade, cold climate and sanitary applications in compliance with the Construction Product Regulation.

Recommended areas of use include: sealing showers, baths, wet rooms, sanitary ware, ceramic tiles, kitchens and all applications in areas of high humidity. It is also ideal for sealing around window and door frames internally in areas subject to high condensation.

•Make sure all surfaces to be sealed must be sound, clean and dry.
•Fill deep gaps and voids with Everbuild Expanding Foam, then trim back level with bath or shower tray before applying sealant.
•When applying to plastic & acrylic baths, fill bath half full with water whilst sealing and during cure. This provides the mid point of any movement that will be encountered.
•Always tool sealant down to ensure a proper bond is achieved.
•Tool within 15 minutes of applying.

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Clear (310mL), White (310mL)